MyBabbo is Meaningful

"I believe the biggest benefit is that the families have something they can take away from the funeral service. A lot of times they leave with a bill and a guest book. MyBabbo has created keepsakes that they will treasure forever."
Andrew Kocher, McKersie-Kocher Funeral Home

MyBabbo is Quality

"I have been in funeral services for over 40 years and MyBabbo is the best product I have ever heard of or seen. I think that the best benefit of MyBabbo is to the families we serve. Our families are very impressed by the quality and design of the book. On many occasions the families end up ordering more copies."
Doug Kocher, McKersie-Kocher Funeral Home

MyBabbo is Easy

"Everyone has great ideas or intentions of what they are going to do with their photos, but the biggest benefit I hear is, “WOW you will do all this for me? All I have to do is give you the photos and you will do the rest”. MyBabbo makes it easy to provide these keepsakes."
John Brock, Brock & Visser Funeral Home

MyBabbo is Valued Partnership

"MyBabbo has created a wonderful thing, something that many, many people will benefit from over the years. Hopefully more funeral homes will come on board this and offer this to their families"
John Kechnie, Heinbuck Funeral Home

MyBabbo Is A Life Celebrated

"All we are left with when someone passed away is the memories. MyBabbo products help allow you bring those memories back. It is something at your fingertips that you can go to anytime. They are products that allow you to celebrate and remember your loved one"
Gerald Cook, Heinbuck Funeral Home

Comfort During A Difficult Time

"We just wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful book you created. Our first Christmas without Tony's father was very difficult. The scrapbook brought comfort into our hearts with all the memories that were expressed throughout the book. This was the best gift ever for all of us to sit with my mother in law and remember all the good time we had shared with a father, father in law and grandfather. His memory will be in our hearts, our memories and now at our finger tips for ever."
Tony & Josie C.

Memories At Our Fingertips

"We as a family know you will do so much to help those grieving a loved one. We really love the book of Nick. It's nice to just be able to pick it up and look back at what a wonderful guy he was. We think of him all the time and just to be able to pick up a book and glance back at all the fun he had in his short life."
- Leanne V.

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