"When you gain knowledge . . . your brain expands When you serve others . . . your heart expands When you have a friend like Ivy . . . your gratitude expands."
Ivy Glenn

Build meaningful employment and putting families first.

What is the "Ivy Mission"?

MyBabbo’s Ivy Mission is an approach to business that puts families first and at the core of our decision making. It is a desire to build a culture that seeks to leave a lasting impact in the communities we serve. For us, this begins with putting families first – those we employ and those we work with.

We are driven by a family first culture. We provide employment opportunities to moms who are seeking flexible work hours so that they can balance their work with family requirements. We are reminded daily of how precious life is and that family and relationships matter most. We are building a culture that allows people to “work to live versus live to work”.

As part of our mission, we are committed to offering individuals an opportunity to obtain meaningful employment where we can holistically (financially and emotionally) make a difference in their life.

Why did we call it the Ivy Mission?

The Ivy Mission is a company belief inspired by Ivy Glen, a cherished family friend who passed away in April 2012. Ivy was a single mother who, in spite of many challenges, always put the needs of her family first and brought joy to all she touched. She lived an inspiring life that was a testament to family, faith and serving in community.

Ivy affirmed our belief that every story matters and has a purpose. She taught us that we are here to live in community with one another and that everyone has something to offer.

It is appropriate that her name was Ivy, as like an Ivy plant we want to spread hope and inspiration to those we serve.