Mirco with his "Babbo" (aka Dad)
Cousin Nick Van Dyk living in the moment
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford

MyBabbo understands the importance
of sharing family memories,
we are built on one.

MyBabbo (Baa-bo) is the term of endearment that my husband Mirco, of Italian heritage, referred to his loving father by. MyBabbo is part of our story that started with a simple scrapbook created to help my husband with the grieving process after the loss of his ‘Babbo’ (Dad).

Babbo passed away three months following our wedding and when our first child arrived a year later the painful realization that our children would never meet their grandfather really hit my husband. So, for my husband’s first father’s day, I created a scrapbook to keep Gino’s memory alive so our children could learn about their grandfather and their Italian heritage. It was a privilege to witness firsthand the comfort that this scrapbook brought to my husband and his family. It was even more inspiring for me to see our daughter get to know her grandpa though the pictures and memories captured in the book.

Tragically, in July 2008, my cousin, Nick Van Dyk, lost his own battle with cancer at the age of 19. I created a photo book to tell the story of Nick’s life. Nick’s family shared with me how much comfort this book brought to them during this very emotional time. In total, 23 books were printed of Nick’s life story as his extended family and friends found this to be an invaluable keepsake. I soon realized that special memories were the most treasured life keepsakes and photos and videos were the best means to preserving these memories.

It soon became clear that these photo books were more than just a compilation of special photos. These memory books told the story of a person’s life that honoured and celebrated them and brought comfort to the families during the grieving process. From this one book we had referrals for over 55 photo books in the following six months.

There was an undeniable value that these books brought to those who had lost a loved one. The term ‘Legacy Photo Book’ emerged and creating them has become our passion. April 2011 marked an important milestone for us with the official launch of MyBabbo. As our tagline states, ‘Every Story Matters’, we truly believe that each one of us is worthy of celebration in life and in death. We look forward to partnering with you to offer this gift to the families you serve.

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